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Medical Malpractice — Childbirth — Infant’s Cornea Damaged By Forceps — Partial Loss Of Vision In One Eye

Settlement: Xxxxx Sadhnani, indiv. and as m/n/g of Xxxxxx Pahuja v. [UM], Booth Memorial Med. Ctr., and New York Hospital Med. Ctr. of Queens; XXXXX/94

Date of Settlement: 10/31/96

Venue: Queens Supreme

Plaintiff Attorney: Eric M. Turkewitz, Manhattan

This medical malpractice action settled during jury selection for a structured settlement of $750,000 with a future payout of $2,206,400. The infant Plaintiff was born on 8/21/86. Plaintiff contended that Defendant performed a low forceps delivery, and Plaintiff claimed that the child s left cornea was damaged by misapplication of the forceps blade. The injury was noted in the child's hospital record as marks lateral to her eye. Plaintiff contended that in a low forceps delivery, it is possible to determine the exact location of the child s head, and she argued that the infant's injury would not have happened if the low forceps delivery was done properly. Alternatively, Plaintiff would have argued that Defendant was actually performing a mid-forceps delivery, in which the infant is higher up in the birth canal at a point where it is more difficult to determine the child s exact location. Plaintiff would have argued, and Defendant conceded in her deposition, that there were no indications to perform such a delivery. Defendant denied that she injured the eye during the delivery.

Injuries: partial loss of vision in the left eye. Plaintiff can see objects a few feet away.

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